MP3 Rocket FAQs

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    1. I get a Java error when I try to use MP3 Rocket. How can I fix it?

    2. Are you being re-directed to YouTube when you search or download?

    3. Does MP3 Rocket require an Internet Connection?

    4. How do I reinstall MP3 Rocket?

    5. How do I transfer my downloads to my MP3 Player?

    6. Can I return to the old version of MP3 Rocket?

    7. How do I cancel my MP3 Rocket Membership?

    8. Why do my downloads stop playing in the middle of the song?

    9. Why do some songs skip while I'm previewing them?

    10. Why do my downloads say "Converting" after downloading?

    11. I double-click my desktop icon, but nothing happens. Why?

    12. "File name cannot contain double-spaces" error message

    13. How can I uninstall MP3 Rocket?