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    Sports Games - Free Online Games

  • 1 Billiards Free
    Play fun free online games. Play billiard solo or against a friend (multiplayer). This is the best billiards/pool game i have found.
  • 2 Baseball Flash
    Keep your eye on the ball and time it right. Hit the ball and get it to land on the target.
  • 3 Tennis Free
    Play against the computer a single game or tournament of Tennis as you try to win it all.
  • 4 Pro Football Flash
    Become a pro football player!
  • 5 Stick Cricket Free
    Fun stick cricket game.
  • 6 Dart Game Game
    Good old fashioned darts.....except there`s a man in front of the dartboard.
  • 7 Thin Ice Game
    Use you skater to cut holes in the ice to trap the monsters in the water!
  • 8 Deluxe Pool Flash
    Sink all colored balls in the correct order. The aiming aid will show you the direction of the white and the targeted ball. Drag the cue stick by moving the mouse. Press the left mouse button and drag to back of front to adjust the power.
  • 9 Max Dirt Bike Online
    The aim is to get over all the obstacles on a level in the fastest time possible. Game controls: Arrow keys to control your motorbike.
  • 10 Mini Soccer Online
    How cute can soccer get? Instructions: Arrow keys to run Z to kick / X for power kick.
  • 11 Pinch Hitter 2 Online
    Pinch Hitter 2 is totally addicting sport game fun. Start at the bottom and complete various challenges to make it to the Major League. Score points for your favourite team! Knock it out of the park..Super addicting baseball game!
  • 12 Crossing Cup Free
    Don`t be confused....it`s not good old American football...it`s soccer.
  • 13 Air Hockey Game
    classic air hockey
  • 14 Mountain Bike Flash
    Perform crazy stunts in this downhill mountain bike racer!
  • 15 Blast Billiards 6 Free
    Fun billiard game from ESPN.
  • 16 Golf Club Free
    A fun, challenging golf game. Hit your ball as close to the hole as possible. If you`re good, hit the moving targets as they fly by.
  • 17 Ragdoll Volleyball Free
    Got game? I doubt it. I challenge you to a match of Ragdoll Volleyball, where the players are softer than the ball!
  • 18 8 Ball Pool Multiplayer Free
    8 Ball Pool by Miniclip is the biggest and best multiplayer Pool game online! Play for free against other players and friends in 1-on-1 matches, and enter multiplayer tournaments for the billiards crown.
  • 19 Penalty Fever Game
    Try to kick the soccer ball and get it into the goal. Then switch and defend your goal.
  • 20 Basketball Slam Online
    Hear the crowd roar as you slam dunk your way to victory against the rival team of your choice
  • 21 Bowling Game Game
    Play one of the hottest bowling games on the net.
  • 22 Long Ball Flash
    Long Ball puts you in the batters box, against a major league pitcher complete with ESPN Baseball Tonight host Karl Ravech providing color commentary. Batter Up!
  • 23 World Basketball Championship Online
    Select your team and play against other teams.
  • 24 Street Sesh Flash
    Awesome skateboarding game by Etnies. Wait for game to load.
  • 25 H.O.R.S.E. Basketball Flash
    Show off your trick shot skills on different courts in a freestyle game of H.O.R.S.E. Basketball.
  • 26 2002 FIFA World Cup Flash
    Play in the 2002 FIFA world cup!
  • 27 Urban Basketball Game
    Inspired by street basketball, Urban Basketball heads to the asphalt courts of the city. Play in 2-on-2 basketball tournaments all across the USA in fast-paced, short rounds.
  • 28 Drop Kick Soccer Game
    Drop Kick is a sport game. Now, lets go to the qualification match.
  • 29 Speed Back Flash
    Get into the endzone if you can. One of the best football games ever!
  • 30 Bass Fishing Pro Flash
    Catch the required amount of fish before the time runs out. Harder than most fishing games.
  • 31 Fun Lanes Bowling Flash
    Line up your shot and let it fly. See how many strikes you can roll in ten frames!
  • 32 High Dive Hero Online
    Score points by doing different stunts or positions while on air and entering the water vertically.
  • 33 Skateboard City Online
    Skateboard back and forth as you perform tricks and grab stars.
  • 34 Goal In One Online
    Your aim is to get the ball in the goal in every level.
  • 35 AG Minigolf Free
    Fun, realistic miniature golf game.
  • 36 Frat Boy Beer Pong Online
    College drinking game. Bounce the ping pong ball into your opponents cup to force him to drink. Whoever passes out first loses....and pays the price.
  • 37 ESPN Arcade Baseball Online
    Play in Precision Hitting mode or Bottom of the Ninth mode.
  • 38 2 Minute Football 3D X Free
    2 Minute Football 3D X - Free Online Game - It`s the 10th anniversary of 2 Minute Football with 10 times the fun! The `09 season features new upgrades and advances. Watch your throws with an all-new AI that will try to intercept the ball and return it for
  • 39 Dirt Bike 4 Game
    Stay right side up as you navigate your dirt bike through various challenging courses.
  • 40 Backyard Basketball Flash
    Hoops just like you played when you were a kid.
  • 41 pub darts Game
    Play timeless pub classics
  • 42 Long Jump Online
    Jump further than your opponents and beat their distance to become world champion
  • 43 Shot Football Training Online
    This is a very addicting free game.
  • 44 9 Ball Pool Online
    A billiard game of 9-Ball.
  • 45 South Africa 2010 Free
    Be a Soccer pro!
  • 46 Crunchball 3000 Online
    Play in the soccer football league of the future. Become the star athlete that you have always dreamed of becoming.
  • 47 Sexy Billiards Game
    Sexy Billard, which is a sport game on www.flash-game.net. Billard also has a name which called pool. Do you know how to play? Just make your cue stick to hit those colorful balls and make them roll into the hole, then you can get your point.
  • 48 8 Ball Pool Flash
    Play 8 Ball Pool
  • 49 Football Legends Online
    Do you have what it takes to be a football legend? This passing game will tell you if you`re destined for the hall of fame or life as a waterboy.
  • 50 Superstar Football Game
    You want a football game? We deliver! Build a team from scratch; buy better players as you start winning. Use Star Power to make your team play its best!
  • 51 4th and Goal 2013 Game
    ired of watching real sports teams fail to perform? Sick of stupid endzone antics and miffed passes? Show them how to do it with some sweet football action. Call your plays, control your players, and crush your opponents: FTW!
  • 52 Max Archery Arrow Online
    Fun and addicting archery game. Cool graphics and easy controls make this game a blast!
  • 53 3 Point Shootout Free
    Show your shooting skills and as much basket as you can before the time runs out.
  • 54 Gutter Bowl Flash
    Easy, mouse-controlled bowling game with awesome 3D graphics.
  • 55 Slugger Baseball Game
    Take aim and swing for the fences (or stars in this case). Hit the stars to advance to the next level.
  • 56 3D Pool Flash
    Free online pool games. Similar to the traditional game you`ve played before, but this variation is played on a square table with only four balls. Try all our fun free online games from ZiggyGames.com.
  • 57 TurboNuke Basketball Game
    A fun sports/strategy game. Use physics to pass the ball between your players and get it in the basket.
  • 58 Dirt Bike 2 Game
    Multiple levels to balance your bike on with very sensitive controls. Be careful or you`ll flip over.
  • 59 Darts Flash
    Fun Darts game from ESPN.
  • 60 ATV Winter Challenge Free
    Race your 4wheeler and don`t wreck it. Then upgrade it.
  • 61 Real 3D Pool Free
    Play 8-ball, 9-ball, 10-ball, cowboy or golf pool in eight exotic environments.
  • 62 Billiard Blitz Hustle Online
    Hustle your way through this pool hall, defeating challenging opponents, winning the bronze, silver and gold cup, and earning as much money as you can.
  • 63 Soccer Smash Game
    get the soccer balls into the goal.
  • 64 Homerun Mania Game
    Think you can hit a few over the fence? We`ll see. Beat these batting challenges and take your game to the majors!
  • 65 Ultimate Football Flash
    You`re the quaterback. Throw passes to your team
  • 66 Fish Me Up Free
    At last, fishing without the stink of bait on your hands! See if you can outwit a fish: FTW!
  • 67 Hammer Throw Online
    Olympic hammer throw game.
  • 68 Super Extreme Snowboarding Free
    extreme snowboarding
  • 69 Panda Golf II Free
    Panda Golf II
  • 70 Gripz Globe Skater Flash
    Skating meets Line Rider!
  • 71 Downhill Bowling Flash
    Get the fun rolling!
  • 72 Scrambled Legs Game
    Make a magnificent touchdowns and collect power ups along the way to help you.
  • 73 Prison Basketball Free
    Use the arrow keys to control your player and ctrl to shoot the ball. Stand in the middle of the X to sink your shot.
  • 74 Billiards Free
    Play this fun billiards game
  • 75 King of Defenders Online
    You`re John Terry, King of Defenders! As the main threat at every corner kick.
  • 76 BasketBalls Free
    Score in every basket to progress. Do it as fast as you can for medals and high scores!
  • 77 Rag Doll Toss Online
    toss the rag doll as high and fast as you can
  • 78 Fishin Fever Online
    Fish either Alaska or Arizona lakes. Cast towards the ripples in the lake and catch as many fish as you can.
  • 79 Air Hockey v2 Flash
    Click on your paddle and hold to move. Defend your goal and score as many points as possible.
  • 80 Crash Test Dummy Olympics: Highjump Free
    Crash Test Dummy Olympics: Highjump
  • 81 Bass Fishing PRO Flash
    Fun and exciting fishing game.
  • 82 Return Man Flash
    Play as a special teams return man and see how far you can return the kick off.
  • 83 Zombie Baseball Online
    In the middle of nowhere John and Sam are two of the survivors, their only weapon available is a bat and many balls.
  • 84 4th and Goal 2014 Online
    Play some hard ball without pads! Pack in a few more scrimmages before the Sunday showdown. Pass, run and tackle like a pro looking for a new contract!
  • 85 Power Swing Online
    Hit your opponent off of the edge
  • 86 8 Ball Pool Online
    Play a billiard game of 8-Ball pool!
  • 87 Free Running 2 Free
    Free Running 2 is the sequel to our smash-hit parkour game, featuring stunning 3D graphics, new moves, more game modes and challenges.
  • 88 Olympic Challenge Flash
    Olympic Challenge Free Game: play 3 different mini sports games. Can you win at all 3?
  • 89 Penalty Fever Online
    to kick the soccer ball and get it into the goal.
  • 90 4th and Goal Flash
    A fun and exciting football game.
  • 91 Xtreme BMX Online
    Thrash through various courses busting awesome tricks on your BMX.
  • 92 Dolphin Olympics 2 Game
    Score as many points as possible in 2 minutes by swimming and flipping your dolphin. Successful jumps build speed, allowing for bigger and better tricks!
  • 93 9 Ball Challenge Game
    Really fun pool game. Play 9 ball pool and sink all the balls sequencially from 1 to 9.
  • 94 Pinballs Bowling Online
    Play this fun bowling game.
  • 95 Jeeves Volleyball Online
    Multiplayer Volleyball game!
  • 96 Wold Golf Tour Flash
    The most authentic web friendly golf game where friends play world famous golf course for prizes.
  • 97 Candystand Baseball Online
    Compete in one of the best Baseball games online! Fun and exciting, Candystand Baseball let`s you create your team and compete for the championship.
  • 98 MJ Mini Golf Free
    Michael Jordan`s Mini Golf. Can you beat the best basketball player of all time at mini golf?
  • 99 Boom Boom Volleyball Flash
    MULTIPLAYER! Be careful your volleyball is not a ball it`s a bomb! Don`t let it hit the ground!
  • 100 Basketball Practice Game
    A fun, challenging basketball game. Practice your skills with the round-ball.
  • 101 Arcade Baseball Online
    Hit pitches onto targets in the outfield for points.
  • 102 Field Goal Games Game
    Kick field goals in various games to score as many points as you can.
  • 103 The Champions 07 Game
    Play as liverpool or milan, travel down the field, pass to your teammates and score goals.
  • 104 Homerun in BerzerkLand Online
    Play ball with the geek and send him flying throughout BerzerkLand. Earn money to buy new gear and gain experience to upgrade your batter`s strength. Rack up big scores and show the world what you got!
  • 105 Quarterback Training Game
    Play as Tom Brady in this fun quarterback challenge game.
  • 106 Golf.com Pro Challenge - Longest Drive Online
    Golf.com game. Select your player than see if you can hit the longest drive.
  • 107 Beat The Wall Game
    Can you bend it like Beckham? Now`s your chance to find out. You get 3 attempts to sneak one past the goalie in this fun soccer game.
  • 108 Sports Heads: Tennis Online
    10 Matches, first to 7 wins! Move with the arrow keys, jump with the up arrow and swing with the space bar. The ball can only bounce on your side once. If it bounces twice, the other player gets a point. Hitting power ups will affect the game. Avoid red
  • 109 World Cup Prep Free
    How many goals can you score in ten tries?
  • 110 Beer Golf Free
    To begin each hole, use your mouse to choose a position within the green tee box, and click to drop your ball. To aim your shot, pull your mouse away from the ball. Arrows will appear to show you the direction and power of your shot.
  • 111 Fisherman Sam 2 Online
    Harpoon fish to collect money, all while avoiding the dangerious sea life!
  • 112 Skate Boy Flash
    Skate your way to high scores, but don`t fall, or you`ll loose points!
  • 113 Power Pong Online
    Ping Pong
  • 114 Gutter Bowl Flash
    A fun, high-graphic bowling game.
  • 115 Sidering Knockout Game
    The objective of the game is to knock out all opponents and get the championship belt. Try to do combinations and dodge the opponents punches.
  • 116 Fishing Champion Flash
    Cast your line and earn the money required on each level to proceed.
  • 117 Ragdoll Volleyball Free
    Play this fun volleyball game. Control your ragdoll with the arrow keys.
  • 118 Ultimate Billiards Game
    Imagine Pool mixed with explosives. If that sounds fun, you`ll love this game.
  • 119 Home Run Boy Game
    Don`t let the pesky pitcher sneak anything by you. Hit his pitches right back into his FACE!!
  • 120 Crazy Golf 2 Online
    A fun and challenging miniature golf game!
  • 121 Street Skater Project: Long Beach Flash
    Pop some sick wheelies and bust out a street session! Skate the streets as long as you can, avoiding gnarly obstacles, jumping ramps, and coasting through checkpoints on your Heelys to maintain your speed and score more points. Be streetwise and know when
  • 122 Snooker Online
    Snooker, which is a skill game. Snooker means make a straight line, as playing billard, you have to make a perfect line between the white ball and other balls, then you can make play very well in pool.
  • 123 Downhill Snowboard 3 Online
    The physics based snowboard series continues - now with more tricks, more players and more fun. Get chased by avalanches down the mountains and get crushed - or do you have the skill it takes to ride them?
  • 124 Smashing Soccer Free
    Put your goalkeeping skills up against the ultimate test! Do you have what it takes to win the football game?
  • 125 Linebacker Free
    Fun linebacker game from ESPN.
  • 126 Jetix Soccer Free
    Jetix Soccer is a cool little 3D soccer game. Play against another team in this exciting soccer match with breathing graphics.
  • 127 Pressure Shot Golf Online
    Pressure Shot Golf puts the player in various "tight spots" on the golf course and challenges you to make par on the hole.
  • 128 Board`n Game
    Show your moves in this fun skateboarding game.
  • 129 Pro Skater Flash
    Fun to play
  • 130 Yahoo Tennis Free
    A fast 3D tennis game that is funny and challenging.
  • 131 Medieval Golf Game
    See if you can break par...medieval style. Bows and arrows replace clubs and balls.
  • 132 Quarterback Challenge Game
    Throw the football and attempt to hit the targets. Earn points and compete for hi-scores. There are 7 levels of targets and a final bonus level where the goal is to make a complete pass to a running receiver.
  • 133 Baseball Game
    Play a nice game of baseball. Hit the ball as longest and accurate as you can.
  • 134 Retro Electro Football Online
    A fun electro sports from Coke Zero.
  • 135 Dumbolf Online
    The big hairy elephant that taught Tiger Woods how to play golf returns in the craziest minigolf game ever. You know the rules. Just put the ball in the hole!
  • 136 Hit The Jackpot 3 Game
    Multiplayer archery game. Play various tournaments with people from all over the world. Win medals, collect points, upgrade Your equipement and became a World Champion.
  • 137 Track and Field 2 Free
    The Track and Field II game that was made popular on the NES in 1988. Track and Field II was known in Japan as Konamik Sports in Seoul. You can play fencing, hurdles or swimming.
  • 138 SQRL Golf Flash
    Smack the Squirrel around the Golf Course.
  • 139 Punch Out Flash
    The classic arcade boxing game, now on your computer.
  • 140 Mini-Putt Online Flash
    The multiplayer flash revolution is really starting to show! Get to putting!!!
  • 141 Bike Adventure Online
    One of the best motocross games available. Ride your motorcycle over the graphically enhanced terrain. Try to grab all the coins on each level.
  • 142 Bobblehead Baseball Free
    Select a crunky player and start swinging! Bat through challenges to grab powerups and unlock new ballfields, baby!
  • 143 Supreme Golf Online
    Supreme Golf - Fun Golf Simulator
  • 144 Yeti Sports 2 Free
    Compete as the Yeti in fun arctic sports games.
  • 145 Wideout Online
    See how good your skills as a receiver are in this fun game from ESPN.
  • 146 Flick Headers Euro 2012 Online
    Move the character with your mouse or arrow keys. Press Space to jump. Volley the ball with your head (maximum of 3 headers before sending back over the net) Score more than your opponent to win the match
  • 147 Volleyball Online
  • 148 MiniGolf Extreme Game
    Another version of the classic mini golf flash game.
  • 149 Hoops Mania Online
    Hoops Mania is completely addicting sports & skill game fun.
  • 150 Madden NFL Superstars Flash
    Take the challenge to create an NFL franchise! See how your team stacks up against your friends and the top teams in the league!
  • 151 Disc Battle Online
    Hit the disc so that it strikes into the goal while preventing your rival from doing the same. Basically, it`s Air Hockey.
  • 152 Bash Fishing PRO Game
    Unlock your inner fisherman with this fun fishing game.
  • 153 iKoncity Air Hockey Game
    Take to the table and try to score more points than your opponent. Collect the star to get more points. Use the mouse to control all aspects of the game.
  • 154 Mini-Putt III Free
    A well built mini golf game, Mini Putt 3 offers some fun and challenging holes meanwhile leaving the putting simplistic and uninhibited. Click to drop your ball, use the mouse to set your aim and desired power, and click to swing.
  • 155 Scribbles Free
    Scribble Heads gotta go home, yeah? Draw a path to guide said heads to their comfy jar. Careful, though: lines do not grow on trees. You are gonna need to use more brains than ink, bubby.
  • 156 Jonny Backflip Game
    Ride your dirtbike over hills and rugged terrain. Get points and level up for pulling off awesome flips and stunts.
  • 157 Accurate Slapshot Free
    A combination of sports games and puzzle games. Hit the puck into the goal, using obstacles to your advantage! Can you beat all 24 levels?
  • 158 World Soccer Game
    The controls for playing the game are very easy and intuitive. your active player is marked by a green circle. To move the player, use the up, left, right and down arrow keys.
  • 159 Best Hockey Game
    This is a fun, realistic hockey game. Score as many goals as you can against a computer opponent, or play practice mode. Very fun and addicting.
  • 160 Sweet Putt MiniGolf Flash
    Play this fun mini-golf game. Simple controls and challenging holes make this mini-golf game better than the rest.
  • 161 Wonderputt Game
    Adventure golf but with cows, toads, ski slopes, torpedos and a sprinkle of alien abduction for good measure.
  • 162 Trials Dynamite Tumble Online
    Tumble and explode the ragdoll driver with dynamites. Try to detonate as many dynamites as you can in three runs.
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